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Stop unwanted tagging on Facebook

Unwanted Tagging on Facebook

Getting tagged in pictures in which you appear is fun, but when your friends start tagging you in totally unrelated pictures, it just gets annoying. Tagging on Facebook has become a tradition. People just post any pic and tag friends in it. They need to understand that this is a lame attempt to get likes, and it is very annoying. What can you do if you ar

e tagged in an unrelated pic? Here are some simple solutions:

1) If you are tagged in an image, you can simply visit it and remove the tag. Just open the pic and click on Report/Remove tag.

2) You can set an option that will allow you to review the tags from friends, and allow only the ones that you like. This way your friends can tag you, but the tag won’t appear unless you approve it. Look at the top right corner and you’ll see your name there along with some other options. Click on the downward arrow and select privacy settings. Scroll down to the option that says ‘Timeline and tagging’. Click on ‘Edit settings’. You’ll see that the option that says ‘Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline’. Click on its option (it will be marked off by default). Enable this option and now you won’t be tagged in unwanted posts.

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